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Which Indiana Jones Character Are You!

indiana-jones-snakeReally? Does it really give your life any value at all to know which Indiana Jones character you are? You're just wasting time. Those quizzes at buzzfeed and other similar sites don't actually have any merit. You are NOT going to be Iron Man or the Hulk. You aren't really Darth Vader or Bart Simpson, or even a Hot Dog. Those things have about as much in common with you as cheese does with asphalt.

Just imagine for a minute all that time you have wasted on those stupid quizzes. Now imagine that time channeled into something that really matters to you. Like Writing a book, a story or a poem. Perhaps building a table or knitting a scarf. The point is, you would be well on your way. Instead you know that the Simpsons character you are most like is Moe, and frankly, that is useless information.

So PLEASE. Let's stop clicking on those quizzes, and if you must click on the quiz, at least spare us all the results. Please don't post it, because we all already knew that the Indiana Jones character you are most like is Short Round. You spend too much of your damn time on those stupid quizzes to be anyone cool like Indiana Jones. He doesn't bother with the quizzes, he gets shit done.

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